Seeing your home or business property go up in flames is one of the most traumatic events that you can experience. And after the fire trucks are gone, the last thing you would want is to start cleaning up all the mess on your property. The process is not only exhausting, but also dangerous and that’s why it is important that you call our professional restoration team to help you recover your remaining property.

Fire and smoke restoration is a complicated process and thus, not just anyone should be left to carry it out. When selecting a fire restoration technician, you should put the following factors into consideration;

  • They should have safety and health certifications
  • They must have had experience in other fire restoration incidences
  • Their certifications should be up to date
  • They must have legal licenses and proper insurance certificates
  • They must be trained with up-to-date fire restoration skills and techniques

What is the process of fire and smoke restoration?

There are various different types of fire occurrences, meaning that different processes of fire and smoke restoration are used to handle each unique case. At EIS Colorado, we have had a long and extensive experience dealing with different fire occurrences over our many years of existence. You can therefore trust us to provide you with a smart and safe restoration solution for whichever type of fire event you face.

The process below shows the steps we follow when restoring a typical fire event.

1. Disaster Contact

Our process begins when you contact our call center. Throughout the day and night, there is always a customer service person who receives any emergency calls. Our customer service person will ask a few questions in regards to the fire and your location after which, the EIS Colorado fire restoration team near you will be dispatched to come help with your fire situation.

2. Inspection

This is the most crucial stage. Our team carefully inspects all the damage caused by the fire, soot and smoke. After analyzing the whole situation carefully, a plan of action is developed.

3. Immediate shutter and roof canvas cleaning

When fire occurs, the walls, roof and windows stand to be damaged. To ensure they don’t get damaged completely, the EIS Colorado team covers the damaged roof with tarps and boards up the windows.

5. Water removal

If there is any damage caused by water, the process of removing water begins immediately. We then use dehumidifiers to completely dry the space and avoid any dampening.

6. Smoke and Soot Removal

Our EIS Colorado team uses up-to-date equipment and procedures to remove soot and smoke from wall, ceilings and all other surfaces.

7. Smoke Odor removal

Cleaning techniques are used to clean out all the structures damaged by fire. Our team is also well trained to use fogging equipment as well as industrial air scrubbers to remove any smoke odor in the home. Additionally, disinfectants are used to prevent any mildew or mold from growing in the house.

8. Restoration

This is the last step of fire and smoke restoration. It entails getting your business or home to its original condition before the fire event occurred. Restoration may involve minor repairs or major repairs such as reconstructing the rooms that suffered the damage.