Water damage repairWater Damage caused by flooding and heavy leakages is one of the most common disaster events. It can be a very traumatic event for a business owner or a family. That is why we are devoted to providing you with emergency water damage control services at whatever time of day or night you need us. We understand that your business or home is very important to you and for that reason, we provide you with the ultimate professional water damage restoration services.

What should you do as soon as you notice water damage on your property?

Remain calm so you can be able to think straight.
Call EIS Colorado water damage restoration professionals.
Close any water source or switch off the main switch.
Switch of the electrical breaker in water damaged areas, before detaching any electrical devices from their sockets.
Wipe off excess water from any wood furniture in the damaged area.
Remove any clothes, paper, fabrics or clothed rugs that are likely to stain the wet carpet.
Lift any hangings from the wet carpet.
Call your insurance company immediately to report the damage.
Within no time, our team will have already arrived at the damaged area to assess the situation. After analyzing the damage, the next step is mitigating any structural damages and drying the damaged area using our dehumidification equipment.

Here is a list of the most common services we offer you in case of water damage.

Free Consultation Services
Water Damage assessment
Water extraction
Moisture monitoring and valuation
24/7 Emergency Services
Document Recovery
Mold and Decay remediation
Anti-microbial application
Assistance with Insurance claims in case your insurance company is trying to avoid paying you your claims
Storage and Building Services
Tear down services

Why choose EIS Colorado professionals?

Quick Response – We understand that when dealing with damage, immediate action is very crucial. Therefore, we are devoted to responding immediately when a water damage case is reported.
24/7 water Damage Emergency Response – Whichever time of the day or night, our offices always have specialists working. So, just call when in need and someone will be there to advice you on the way forward. Our 24/7 service helps us get to the scene within the first twenty-four hours to begin counteractive action.
Highly Trained Water Damage Restoration Specialists – We have technicians who have had experience in the water mitigation restoration field for over 100 years including dealing with floods and storms in national disasters. Our specialists are highly trained in dealing with properties damaged by roof leaks, storms, floods, plumbing back-ups, frozen pipes and other severe weather conditions. Plus, our team will help you reduce or mitigate whichever effect of water damage even if it is remediating molds and mildew.
We collaborate with your insurance company to help you claim your damages – Insurance companies will always have a way to reduce your claims because that is the only way they can make a profit.
At EIS Colorado, we dedicate our time to helping our clients get what they deserve. So, in case of any water damage we always have cameras to take pictures of the damages before restoration.In addition, we always document everything happening in the scene and write a report about it. With all this proof of damage, no insurance company will refuse to give you your claims. And if they do, we help you take the case to court.

Water damage is best handled within the first 24 hours. You might think that you can do it by yourself but it is a very risky undertaking.

Don’t wait until it is too late to restore your property. Contact experts at EIS Colorado or visit our website. Our emergency team is more than ready to help you handle your loss.