Denver Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims With EIS Colorado

Concerned about an insurance claim you need to file regarding storm damage or repairs in or outside of your home that have gone awry? EIS Colorado has been serving the Denver Metro area as General Contractors since 2012 and specializes in taking care of the entire insurance claim process from start to finish. With over 100+ years of combined service experience and countless satisfied customers, you can trust EIS Colorado to get your insurance claim job done in a timely manner and extremely professionally. EIS Colorado also holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are locally-licensed and fully insured general contractors themselves.

Services Provided by EIS Colorado

EIS Colorado specializes in repairs due to storm damage for both residential and commercial buildings. Their long history of experience makes them the best experts in the field. In addition to helping those who need assistance after a devastating storm, EIS Colorado also works with home additions, remodels, and all repairs involving homes in general. EIS Colorado uses the highest quality roofing products from companies like Owens CorningDecraBoral, and DaVinci, along with many others for guaranteed high-quality results and customer satisfaction. EIS Colorado’s reputation is spotless and also includes a high number of return clientele for any repair projects they are in need of in or outside of their homes. EIS Colorado takes pride in offering the best customer service possible while also being prompt and available to help you as quickly as possible. Even if you are in need of a large repair job, EIS Colorado has a team on the ground ready to assist you right away.

Regardless of your repair needs, EIS Colorado is prepared with the best solutions and top experts in the field of general contracting. When you are seeking a way to file an insurance claim, EIS Colorado is also ready to assist you through the entire process, giving you peace of mind while maintaining excellent customer service at all times. With each job EIS Colorado takes on, they guarantee to use the best workmanship and tools available to provide you with proper quality and a job well done.

Filing Insurance Claims With the Assistance of EIS Colorado

Along with having in-house employees, EIS Colorado also works with professionals who are former adjusters and are familiar with dealing with insurance claims and companies themselves. EIS Colorado is not just for general contracting work, but they are specialists in understanding how insurance claims work while negotiating with the companies on their clients’ behalf. Having EIS Colorado on your side when filing insurance claims for damage to your home is a way for you to better ensure you receive a full and proper payment for the quality repairs you deserve. EIS takes pride in their customer service along with their integrity, which is why they are a top-tier contracting company with thousands of return and loyal clients.

When working together with EIS Colorado, you can expect an on-time and budget solutions that are exceptional for both residential and commercial projects, regardless of the size of the project you have in mind and planned. EIS Colorado’s references are impeccable as they continue to build their client list and keeping all customers satisfied. When working with EIS Colorado, you not only receive high-quality results, but also unforgettable customer service.

Before You File a Claim

Have you suffered hail or wind damage, or another natural disaster related to a faulty roof? Begin by contacting EIS Colorado, and one of our experts will work with you to determine whether you have damage warranting a potential claim. Tell us the specifics of what happened, and one of our contractors will come perform an onsite inspection. It’s always a good idea to have a certified professional provide an expert evaluation before you make the decision to file a claim.

Once we determine the cause and extent of the damage, we will inform you of your options in the matter. If you do decide that an insurance claim is the best course of action, we can assist you in this capacity as well. Typically, the insurance company will also request an inspection, where they will send their own agent to assess the damage. Our experts will then work with the insurance company in an effort to obtain a favorable settlement on your behalf. We work out pricing, determine what needs to be replaced, ensure that all of the proper codes are upheld, and help you to get your roof back in working order.

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. We can help you cut through the complexity your insurance claim and get your roof back in order, better than before. Don’t face the insurance company on your own. You deserve an expert on your team. Contact EIS Colorado today, and get the highest level of expertise for your insurance claim.