Contact a Denver Roof Installation Expert

EIS Colorado is a locally licensed company offering both residential and commercial roofing services. We have a team of well experienced personnel who have worked with plenty of roofing projects since our establishment. We deliver reliability and longevity. At EIS roofing, new roof, roof installationColorado Service, we have garnered a great reputation for quality service delivery and our previous and current clients can attest to that.

We always ensure we are ahead of any competition through top-notch and quality roofing services. To install a quality roof, we always use quality materials from the best manufacturers of roofing products including GAFOwens Corning and Tamko. We have approvals from each of the suppliers to use the roofing materials they provide.

Our team has had an experience of more than 10 years in the roofing industry and therefore, you can be assured that you are investing in quality assured roofing methods. We offer:

  • Emergency Response 24/7
  • Roof Inspections
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Leak maintenance
  • Roof Installation

The first step in our roofing services is emergency response. Our office is operational throughout the day and night to guarantee you 24/7 services. Once you contact us, our customer service person will ask you questions regarding your roof and then set a date and time for inspection.

On the set date, our roofing team near you is dispatched to your location to inspect your roof. In case of minor damage or leakages, maintenance and repairs are done. In case of major damages, the roof is replaced with a new one or rather, a new roof is installed. But how do you know a new roof needs to be installed?

Here is a glimpse of some of the tips we use to decide whether a new roof needs to be installed or not.

  • The age of the roof – Normally, a roof made with good materials such as asphalt shingle should last for at least twenty years. However, it depends with the number of shingle layers installed. If you live in a house for that long a time, consider calling professionals to inspect it because the older a roof is, the higher the chances of it calling for a new roof.
  • Sagging shingle lines – Go out and look at your roof. If your shingle lines are not straight, there is a possibility that the sheathing beneath is already rotting and needs replacement.
  • Cracked and missing shingles – If you notice that some shingles are missing or cracked, you should contact a roofing expert to inspect it because if it continues cracking without repair, you might be forced to replace the whole roof with a new one.
  • Signs of roof cement on the chimney can also indicate that the roof is worn out and should be replaced.

Once you decide to install a new roof, our roofing staff will assess the damage level of your house or commercial building in order to develop a working plan. After that, we will send you our price estimates for installing the new roof. Nonetheless, the prices are negotiable to a point where we both feel satisfied with the price.

When we come to an agreement on the prices, we will send our roofing team to do the roof installation for you after which, routine upkeep and maintenance services will be offered to ensure no additional damages occur. And to be responsible for the quality of our services, we offer you with manufacturing warranties as well as warranties to guarantee our labor services.

No matter the necessity, our skilled roofing professionals have the capabilities and equipment to give you an optimal roofing solution quickly and efficiently. Visit our website for more information on commercial and residential roofing services.

Denver Roof Replacements

If your old shingles are losing their structural integrity, or if you simply want to bring your home or commercial property into the 21st century, we understand, and we’re here to help. Most roofs can’t withstand the harsh Colorado climate for more than 20 years, and we use lifetime-warranty products to maximize the life of your new roof. You can even choose from one of our impact-resistant options that can protect your roof from hail storms, harsh winds, and other acts of nature.

At EIS Colorado, we will remove those tattered old shingles, install a gorgeous and impenetrable new foundation, leaving things looking clean and beautiful. We strive to ensure a thorough and stress-free installation process that minimizes any disruption to your life and ensures years of flawless, reliable coverage. Safety, Security, Warmth…It all starts with a solid roof over your head!